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Like Confide with Friends Make You Healthier

Pouring your heart out or venting about the good and bad things that you experience, can reduce the stresses of life, as well as cause a sense of happiness. You can confide in the people closest, for example with friends. Believe it or not, friends can have many positive influences on your life. A good friend can give you confidence and provide motivation in determining life goals. Their presence can also help erode trauma and sadness in life, such as divorce, loss of work, health problems, or because of being left behind by a loved one forever.

Various Benefits of Confidence for Health

Some people have the belief that talking about perceived conditions can actually make things worse. In fact, telling a thing that is being experienced to a friend or family member can be one solution to get calm and healing. Sharing complaints with friends can reduce the burden on your mind, so you avoid stress. You can also get support that makes you come back excited for the future. In addition, there are still various benefits that you can feel by pouring out your heart to the people you trust, including:
  • Strengthen mentally in dealing with problems.
  • Allows you to see the problem from a different perspective.
  • Helps you be aware of others' presence and not feel alone.
  • Found a solution that was never thought of before.
  • Resolve the problem and see the situation more clearly.
So that problems are more quickly resolved, you can discuss the problems experienced with friends who you really trust. You also have to know when the right time to share with friends. Although at first you may feel uncomfortable, in the end you will feel calm thanks to their support.

How to Choose the Right Friend?

Of course not just any friend can help you solve problems. Therefore, you must be able to choose the right friends to help you deal with problems. In general, good friends have the following criteria:
  • Can communicate well.
  • Said to be honest and trustworthy.
  • Always respect others.
  • Willing to be a good listener.
  • Always remind friends, especially those related to negativity.
The five criteria above must be owned by a good friend. No less important, you must be able to maintain friendship well. The way is, don't just want to confide in your friends who are listened to by your friends, but try to be a good friend to him too, by listening to his vent when he needs it. So, do not hesitate to ask for help from friends to solve the problems you face. Friends can be the right place to spill your heart. That way, the burden on your mind will be reduced so as not to interfere with your health.


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