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Like Confide with Friends Make You Healthier

Pouring your heart out or venting about the good and bad things that you experience, can reduce the stresses of life, as well as cause a sense of happiness. You can confide in the people closest, for example with friends. Believe it or not, friends can have many positive influences on your life. A good friend can give you confidence and provide motivation in determining life goals. Their presence can also help erode trauma and sadness in life, such as divorce, loss of work, health problems, or because of being left behind by a loved one forever. Various Benefits of Confidence for Health Some people have the belief that talking about perceived conditions can actually make things worse. In fact, telling a thing that is being experienced to a friend or family member can be one solution to get calm and healing. Sharing complaints with friends can reduce the burden on your mind, so you avoid stress. You can also get support that makes you come back excited for the future. In additio

Caring For Fake Feet As Having Real Feet

Technological developments also affect the medical world, including the manufacture of replacement organs, such as prosthetic limbs. In order to function optimally, a person must properly treat his prosthetic limb equipment, including amputated body parts. A prosthetic limb is a device used to replace the role of a leg lost due to congenital conditions, illness, or accidents. The process of installing prosthetic limbs is carried out by a physiotherapist or prosthetic (an expert at making prostheses or prosthetic limb replacements). The Process of Installing False Legs Before the prosthetic foot is attached, there are several processes that must be carried out, including: Ensuring the health of the area around the foot. Measure the stump (amputated end of the body) so that the size of the prosthetic foot fits the body size. Making footprints from plaster. Design a socket (buffer) to make it more comfortable. Add a pivot to the prosthetic limb. Embellish the prospective prost

Experiencing Broken Bones Visit an Orthopedic Doctor

Although there are many alternative treatments available in Indonesia that claim to be able to overcome fractures, you need to be careful. If the wrong treatment, healing broken bones can be imperfect. That is why, you need to see a orthopedic doctor. Mismanagement of broken bones can cause a variety of complications, ranging from bones that do not connect properly, damage to blood vessels, nerve damage, to bone infections. This is the reason why it is important to go to an orthopedic doctor when having a broken bone. Reasons for Broken Bones Need to be Treated by Orthopedic Doctors Broken bones (fractures) occur when bones get a blow or impact that strength exceeds the strength of the bone. Examples are when falling from a certain height, have an accident while driving, or hit hard objects while exercising. In addition, broken bones can also be caused by osteoporosis. The severity of the condition of the fracture depends on which part of the bone is broken, how bone damage occu

Beware of the Dangers of Butter Because It Contains Saturated Fat

Butter is a food made from animal fat that contains saturated fat. The danger of excessive butter is that it can increase cholesterol levels in the body, so the risk of diabetes, stroke and heart attack is higher. Butter is very popular in Indonesia, this material is very often found and used daily. Starting from a mixture of bread, a substitute for cooking oil, to flavoring a variety of dishes. Although a study says saturated fat is not directly related to these diseases, but it is still recommended to limit consumption of butter. Recognize the Types of Fats To understand the danger of butter, you should first identify the types of fat contained in food. In general, there are two types of fat in food, namely saturated fat and unsaturated fat. Each food contains one of the more dominant types of fat. To find out more about the types of fat, here is an explanation that you need to know. Saturated fat Saturated fats are generally found in foods derived from animals, such as

Need to Read if You Don't Know Fibrous Food Options

Most people understand that they need fibrous food, but not many people fully know which foods are rich in fiber and not. Fiber is naturally present in plants. There are two types of fiber, water soluble fiber and water insoluble fiber. Water-soluble natural fiber that humans consume comes from fruits, oats, barley, and vegetables. While water-insoluble fiber is found in grains, wheat, and some types of vegetables such as spinach. In general, fiber will quickly pass through the intestine because it cannot be digested. Benefits of Eating Fibrous Foods for Health Fiber is needed by the body to help digestion keep functioning properly, help reduce cholesterol levels, and prevent constipation. People who eat enough fiber have a lower risk of stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, and pancreatic cancer. For those of you who are on a diet, eating fiber-rich foods is believed to reduce and maintain weight, because fibrous foods make you feel full quickly. Women are advi

See Doctor Rarely Thanks to Apple Benefits

Apples are one of the fruits that are loved by many people. Apart from the taste, it is also because the benefits of apples are so good for the health of the body. The sentence "An apple a day keeps the doctor away", does not seem just nonsense, because the benefits of apples does not make us need to see a doctor, or in other words can prevent various diseases. Apples do have an abundance of nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Apples contain almost no fat and are low in calories, but are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, fiber, water, vitamin C, potassium, pectin, and ursolic acid. The benefits of apples to the body are also due to the fruit containing carbohydrates, vitamin A, vitamin K, and folate. Eaten directly, made juice, or made a fruit salad, the benefits of apples have no doubt for health. Various Benefits of Apples for Health Here are some of the benefits you can get from eating apples: Maintaining intestinal health Fresh apples are rich in solubl

If You Are Lonely, This Is What Happens to Your Health

Feeling lonely and isolated from social relations can actually have an impact on physical health. A number of studies have revealed that emotional and psychosocial conditions have an influence on one's overall health. Based on the results of a study, feelings of loneliness and isolation or isolation, have a negative impact on physical health, which is equivalent to obesity. The longer a person feels disturbed because of loneliness, the worse the impact on health. Various health risks that occur due to loneliness Do not underestimate loneliness, because many health risks that can occur if not addressed immediately. People who continue to feel lonely more easily feel tired, have sleep disorders, experience excessive anxiety, so they are more at risk of falling into depression. These various conditions can affect a person's ability to care for their health, so their endurance tends to be weaker. He is also more at risk of experiencing drastic weight changes, digestive disor

Various Benefits of Warming and How to Do It

Although it looks trivial, but warming up before exercise is very important. Warming is done for at least five minutes before exercise, can prevent injury and make sports more effective. Warming can be done in many ways, can be adjusted to the type of exercise that will be done. Proper heating helps the body to be better prepared for exercise. By warming up, the muscles become more flexible and hot so that they can respond and make movements better. Benefits of Warm Up Before Exercise Warming up is a part of the activity that should not be ignored before reaching the core of the desired exercise movement. The following are some of the benefits of warming up before exercising. Increases blood flow thereby increasing muscle temperature which makes collagen fibers more elastic. Increase heart rate. Releasing adrenaline. Enables joints to work more efficiently. Allows oxygen in the blood to circulate faster with higher volumes. Triggering the activity of enzymes while removing

The Sixth Sense Can Be Proven by Logic

Humans have five physical senses that have their respective functions, namely vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. But there is one additional senses, the sixth sense which is often mentioned cannot be explained with common sense. Some people have abilities such as reading other people's minds, knowing events or things that others don't know, feeling something is not right, or seeing the future. This ability is often referred to as the sixth sense. According to the KBBI, the sixth sense can be interpreted as a tool to feel things instinctively (intuitively). In psychology, the sixth sense or intuition is also known as extrasensory perception (ESP) or additional senses, namely the ability to receive information that is not obtained through (five) physical senses but is felt with the mind. The sixth sense has been almost always associated with mystical things. But apparently, the sixth sense can be explained with logic and scientific evidence. Logically Understand the S

Thinking Before Using a Hand Dryer

After washing your hands, it sure isn't good to leave it wet. So to dry it, too many hand dryers become an option. But, did you know that hand dryers can pose a risk to your health? Hand dryer can be found anywhere, especially in public facilities, such as hotels, malls, or hospitals. The main reason this machine is often used after washing hands is because it is fast and practical. But the fact is, dry does not always mean clean. Hand Dryers Increase the Spread of Bacteria The purpose of washing hands is to clean dirt and germs from the hands. Hand washing should be done routinely to avoid the spread of diseases that can be transmitted through the touch of a hand. Germs are more easily spread through wet hands. For this reason, it is important to dry your hands after washing your hands. But unfortunately, instead of ensuring hand hygiene, the use of a hand dryer can actually increase the spread of bacteria. This happens because a hand dryer can spread bacteria from the han