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Experiencing Broken Bones Visit an Orthopedic Doctor

Although there are many alternative treatments available in Indonesia that claim to be able to overcome fractures, you need to be careful. If the wrong treatment, healing broken bones can be imperfect. That is why, you need to see a orthopedic doctor. Mismanagement of broken bones can cause a variety of complications, ranging from bones that do not connect properly, damage to blood vessels, nerve damage, to bone infections. This is the reason why it is important to go to an orthopedic doctor when having a broken bone.

Reasons for Broken Bones Need to be Treated by Orthopedic Doctors

Broken bones (fractures) occur when bones get a blow or impact that strength exceeds the strength of the bone. Examples are when falling from a certain height, have an accident while driving, or hit hard objects while exercising. In addition, broken bones can also be caused by osteoporosis. The severity of the condition of the fracture depends on which part of the bone is broken, how bone damage occurs, and the involvement of tissue around the broken bone. If the fracture does not get the right treatment can cause complications. Some of the complications are:
  • Not connecting the bones or not precisely connecting the bones so that the bones look deformed.
  • Damage to blood vessels and nerves.
  • Infection of the bone (osteomyelitis) or surrounding tissue.

Types of fractures that need to be treated by orthopedic doctors

As previously said, fractures should be treated by an orthopedic doctor, so that healing is complete and complications do not appear. The following are the types of fractures that are generally treated by orthopedic doctors:
  • Simple fracture (broken bone into two parts).
  • Open fracture (bone protruding out through the skin).
  • Closed fracture (the skin does not look torn and there are no protrusions, but the bone inside is damaged).
  • Comminutive fractures (broken bones into three or more parts).
  • Greenstick fractures (one side of the bone is broken and the other is bent). This condition often occurs in children.
  • Oblique fractures (curved or angled fractures).
  • Stress fractures (small cracks caused by excessive bone working or doing the same movements continuously). This condition is usually experienced by athletes.
  • Pathological fracture (bone damage due to disease).

Management of Broken Bones by Orthopedic Doctors

The orthopedic doctor has a role in helping to restore the broken bone to its original position and prevent the bone from shifting before its condition heals. In treating fractures, the orthopedic doctor will ask for complaints that are felt, chronological events, and medical history. After that, the doctor will do a physical examination, especially in areas that have injuries or broken bones. This examination is followed by a supporting examination using X-rays, to see the condition of the bone and the type of fracture. Based on the results of this examination, the orthopedic doctor will determine the actions that need to be taken to treat fractures. The usual treatment options given by orthopedic doctors are:

Plaster cast

This is the most common treatment for fractures. Before placing the cast, the orthopedic doctor will make sure the bones are in the correct position and are aligned. This will help the bone healing process so that its shape can return to normal.

Use special slings or bandages

The use of special slings and bandages to treat fractures will be recommended by orthopedic doctors if the fractures occur in areas that are difficult to reach by the cast, for example the collarbone. This special sling or bandage will restrict movement to the area of ​​broken bone, so that the process of connecting the bones is not interrupted.


If the condition of the broken bone is severe enough, for example broken or broken into several parts, or if a bone fracture penetrates the skin (open fracture), the orthopedic doctor will recommend surgery. In this procedure, the fracture will be joined using a special pen or plate. The process of connecting broken bones can take weeks or even months. This depends on the type of fracture, severity, and patient compliance in undergoing orthopedic doctor's advice. In order to optimize the fracture recovery process, an orthopedic doctor may refer the patient to a medical rehabilitation doctor or physiotherapist. The goal is that bodily functions that are disrupted due to injuries and fractures can recover as usual.


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