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If You Are Lonely, This Is What Happens to Your Health

Feeling lonely and isolated from social relations can actually have an impact on physical health. A number of studies have revealed that emotional and psychosocial conditions have an influence on one's overall health. Based on the results of a study, feelings of loneliness and isolation or isolation, have a negative impact on physical health, which is equivalent to obesity. The longer a person feels disturbed because of loneliness, the worse the impact on health.

Various health risks that occur due to loneliness

Do not underestimate loneliness, because many health risks that can occur if not addressed immediately. People who continue to feel lonely more easily feel tired, have sleep disorders, experience excessive anxiety, so they are more at risk of falling into depression. These various conditions can affect a person's ability to care for their health, so their endurance tends to be weaker. He is also more at risk of experiencing drastic weight changes, digestive disorders, even heart and blood vessel problems. A study found that loneliness can be associated with high blood pressure and weak immune function. In addition, another risk of loneliness is the deterioration in ability and cognitive development that affects the power of thought. The study found a decrease in cognitive abilities 20% faster in lonely people, in a period of 12 years. Not only that, based on the results of a study, loneliness can increase the risk of dementia or senility in the elderly by 64%, and can increase the risk of early death by 45%.

Some treatments so as not to feel lonely

For that, do not consider trivial loneliness that you feel. Here are some things that are recommended, especially if you experience prolonged loneliness:
  • Getting used to greeting others

  • Talking with others may seem trivial. However, one way of social interaction has positive benefits in getting rid of loneliness and strengthening social relationships. Therefore, do not hesitate to start exchanging greetings with neighbors or other people you know.
  • Explore many hobbies and activities

  • Doing various activities and hobbies can cure your loneliness. Therefore, do activities that you enjoy and enjoy, from cleaning the house, gardening, exercising, or developing new skills. You can do these activities yourself, but it would be better if done with friends.
  • Join volunteers

  • Providing community service as a volunteer or doing social activities is very positive. Sometimes these activities open up great opportunities for you to meet new people and foster friendships, so that you can get rid of your loneliness.
  • Do not close yourself

  • When you feel lonely, don't lock yourself up. Try opening yourself up by sharing your feelings and thoughts with people you trust. Conversely, if you know that someone close to you is feeling lonely, don't ignore him. You can help him get rid of loneliness by inviting him to talk.
Loneliness can happen to anyone and can cause health problems. There are various ways that can be done to overcome loneliness. However, if these methods do not work and loneliness occurs protracted, making you feel unable to cope, do not hesitate to consult a psychiatrist, in order to get the best treatment.


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